We are please to announce we will now be offering the IHCD Ambulance Tutor Award

This qualification is designed for those involved in the routine delivery of training.  The first stage of the qualification is suitable for those delivering the occasional session or the First Person on Scene qualifications.

This qualification is delivered in 4 units:

  • Instructional Methods
  • Teaching Practice
  • Instructor Development
  • Instructor Practice

Practice Placements
The qualification includes two practice placements: 240 hours following the Instructional Methods Unit, and 160 hours following the Instructor Development Unit. Learners are advised to ensure they have practice placements arranged before commencing their training, and to check its suitability with the accredited Centre.

Assessment of the Instructional Methods and Instructor Development Units is by appraisal of coursework and sessions delivered; there are three on each course. Similar assessment takes place during the practice placements.

Topics covered include:

  • The Role of the Trainer
  • The Senses in Training
  • Behavioural Objectives
  • Task Analysis (Thought Mapping)
  • Learning Styles
  • Motivation
  • Group Behaviour
  • Training Materials
  • Assessment Evaluation